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About Us

WABBA – acronym for World Amateur Body Building Association – was established by the bodybulding legend and great champion Serge Nubret back in 1975, after the Mr Olympia contest held in Pretoria and won by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
From that moment, WABBA has rapidly grown in popularity to become one of the major bodybuilding Federations in the World. Many great champions of international stature have started their carreers within WABBA, to become legends of this sport.

Today WABBA is present in many Countries of all continents and is still a powerful player in the world of modern bodybuilding.

WABBA INTERNATIONAL is the natural evolution of the dream of Serge Nubret and we are proud and extremely motivated to keep it alive!

  • Passion for Bodybuilding

    We are driven by a common passion for Bodybuilding and Fitness.

  • International community

    We have delegations in over 20 Countries around the World.

  • Fast Growing

    The fastest growing Bodybuilding organization in the World

  • YOU are the star!

    YOU are the star of WABBA INTERNATIONAL. Become a PRO and be part of the legendary few that make the history of bodybuilding.


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Photo Gallery

Check out the amazing physiques of the WABBA INTERNATIONAL athletes.

We have International competitions in Europe and in America, because our athletes deserve to compete in the best arenas around the World.

What others say about us

Fiero di essere un’atleta della nazionale Italiana e di far parte di questo grande gruppo!

Alfredo VastaAthleteWABBA ITALIA

We will continue to work hard for our organization because a great future is expected!!!!!

Kyriakos ShiepettarisPresident

Una grande famiglia allargata….. È Come sentirsi a casa tra amici!!!!!

Davide CeleghiniAthleteWABBA ITALIA

Desde Argentina muchas felicidades a WABBA INTERNACIONAL y todo el camino recorrido de grandes logros y grandes campeones¡¡¡¡ ADELANTE SIEMPRE¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

Maria Luja AnanAthlete