HERCULES OLYMPIA HUNGARY 2022 (Amateur and PRO – Spring Edition)

Saturday 7th May 2022, Budapest (HUNGARY)

Date and Place of the competition

The Hercules Olympia Hungary 2022 (SPRING Edition) will take place on Saturday 7th May 2022 at Budakalász Sports Complex – at Budakalász, Omszk park 1 – Budapest (HUNGARY).

Official Hotels

WABBA HUNGARY will NOT provide hotel accomodation to the teams, therefore there is not an official hotel. Each National team must take care of booking their accomodation and we suggest to do it through booking.com at THIS LINK.

Budapest is a great tourist destination and offer many possibilities for any king of budget, so it is easy to find a hotel.

Arrival and departure

ATTENTION! COVID-19 PREVENTION RULES will be published soon

Map Hercules Hungary 2022 Spring

Tanning and Respect for the infrastructures

We ask all contestants to pay particular attention for the venue, in particular for the backstage and the warm-up area. It is FORBIDDEN to apply the colour in the backstage. We ask everybody to apply the colour somewhere else or to take advantage of the color service available on site.
A professional tanning service will be available.

You can book the tanning service at a link that will be available soon.

Schedule of the events


  • 06:00 – 9:00 Athletes registration at Budakalász Sports Complex

  • 10:30 – Start of Hercules Olympia Hungary 2022.

Categories (Amateur and PRO)

The categories are the WABBA INTERNATIONAL CATEGORIES, as described in the rules available at this LINK.

Multiple categories:

Athletes are allowed to compete in more than one category with the following limitations:

MEN: Male athletes can enter as many categories as they want, with the only limitation that the athlete must be within the weight/height parameters. There will be an additional fee for each additional category.

WOMEN: Female athletes can enter in more than one category only if they compete in the JUNIOR and OVER. They are NOT allowed to compete in categories with different physique standards (example Miss Bikini and Miss Shape). There will be an additional fee for each additional category.

Language and currency

Magyar (English is spoken), Florint.


WABBA HUNGARY  – President Mr. Erno Huszar