Hercules Olympia Italy July 2021HERCULES OLYMPIA ITALY 2021 – PRO QUALIFIER

The Hercules Olympia Italy 2021 is an international competition. Winners of the Man Bodybuilding, Miss Bikini and Man Physique Overall titles will qualfy to get the PRO CARD.

Date and place of the competition:

The show will take place on Saturday 24th July 2021 at the CENTRO CONGRESSI HOTEL GIO – Via Ruggero D’Andreotto, 19 – 06124 Perugia (PG)

All info about the venue are available HERE.

Recommended Hotels:

We recommend the HOTEL GIO (where the competition will take place). We suggest to book the rooms calling directly the Hotel at +39 075 5731100 and mentioning the HERCULES OLYMPIA ITALY competition. It is also possible to book via email at the address reception@hotelgio.it

Perugia offers a wide variety of hotels for any budget. You can easily book the hotel of your choice at this LINK.

Respect for hotel infrastructure:

All compettors should take great care not to damage the hotel property, in particular blankets and towels. Therefore any damage will be charged to the person who caused it. Thank you for your understanding.

Arrival and departure:

The most convenient airports are ROME or FLORENCE. IMPORTANT: Transport between the airport and the hotels will NOT be provided by WABBA Italy, so each team or athlete must organize the transfer autonomously. The Perugia train station is at 2 minutes walking distance from the venue, so arriving in Perugia by train is a good choice.

Tanning service and respect for the infrastructures:

We ask all contestants to pay particular attention for the venue, in particular for the backstage and the warm-up area. It is therefore FORBIDDEN to apply the colour in the backstage, in order to avoid the risk of damage. For this reason we ask everybody to apply the colour somewhere else or to take advantage of the professional tanning service available on site.
The prices of the tanning service will be:

Tanning :

  • One time spray 35€
  • Two times 40€
  • Three times 50€
  • Body oil (gloss + color fixing) 10€
  • Body Glitter 10€

Show Make-up (Woman) 40€

Show Make-up (Man) 25€

Hair 20/30€

Lashes 10€

You can book the services by email writing to giusy.chiapparini@libero.it or by phone at +39 339 434 9369

Schedule of the event:

FRIDAY 23rd July 2021

4 pm – 8 pm – Registration of all competitors at the HOTEL GIO.

SATURDAY 24th July 2021

1 pm – Beginning of the show at the HOTEL GIO.

Official organizers:

WABBA INTERNATIONAL ITALY informazioni@wabbaitalia.com – 045.5116900


The categories are the ones set in the INTERNATIONAL RULES. You can download the rules HERE.

Multiple categories:

Athletes are allowed to compete in more than one category with the following limitations:

MEN: Male athletes can enter as many categories as they want, with the only limitation that the athlete must be within the weight/height parameters. There will be an additional fee for each additional category.

WOMEN: Female athletes can enter in more than one category only if they compete in the JUNIOR and OVER. They are NOT allowed to compete in categories with different physique standards (example Miss Bikini and Miss Shape). There will be an additional fee for each additional category.


The show is open to all WABBA INTERNATIONAL competitors of any Country. Therefore in order to enter the show you must register with the WABBA INTERNATIONAL delegation in your country, which will register all the athletes together. For further information: info@wabbainternational.com


The overall winners of men Bodybuilding, Miss Bikini and Man Physique categories will be awarded the PRO CARD.