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1ST December 2019, Estoril (Portugal)

The Hercules Olympia Portugal 2019 is will take place in the beautiful seaside city of Estoril (Portugal) with the participation of athletes from around the World. It is going to be an epic event!

1. Venue:

WABBA PORTUGAL will organize the competition at CASINO ESTORIL, Av. Dr. Stlanley Ho, 2765-190 Estoril, Portugal.

2. Hotel:

In Estoril and the surrounding area there are many Hotels because Estoril is a touristic town. You can easily MAKE YOUR ROOM RESERVATION at this link.

3. Respect for hotel infrastructure:

All compettors should take great care not to damage the hotel property, in particular blankets and towels. The hotels management will charge any damage to the person who caused it. Thank you for your understanding.

4. Arrival and departure:

The nearest airport is LISBON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, which is about 30 km from Estoril. There is a train service (the station is in front of the Casino) or you can take a taxi (or Uber). We strongly recommend to arrive in time for the registration.

5. Schedule of the event (DETAILS TO BE CONFIRMED SOON):
  • Saturday 30th NOVEMBER
    • 9 am – 1 pm Registration for Portuguese athletes
    • 9 am – 7 pm Registration for International athletes

      The registration for ALL Athletes will be at

      Mr Big Evolution
      Rua Jose de Castro
      2775-592 CARCAVELOS

  • Sunday 1st DECEMBER
    •  9 am – Campeonato Nacional (only for Portuguese Athletes)
    •  4 pm –  Hercules Olympia Portugal (for ALL Athletes)
6. Photographers:

Any team photographer who wants to be allowed to shoot inside the venue must obtain a WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION by WABBA PORTUGAL.

7. Climate:

In Estoril the climate is mild Mediterranean, therefore temperatures will range from 14 to 20 degrees Celsius.

8. Language and currency:

Portoguese (English is spoken), Euro.

9. Categories:

The WABBA INTERNATIONAL categories will be judged onstage.

10. Tanning service:

WABBA INTERNATIONAL highly recommendsto all athletes to use the professional tanning service that will be available on-site. The professional tanning guarantees uniformity in the colouring and a perfect look onstage. We will soon confirm the cost of the tanning service.

You can request info and book the service at

11. Organizer: