The PORTUGAL CLASSIC 2019 is a national AMATEUR and international PROFESSIONAL Grand Prix. The International competition will have the PRO BIKINI and PRO BODYBUILDING categories.

Date and place of the competition:

The show will take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2019 at “COMPLEXO DE TENIS DA MAIA”, in Av Luis de Camões 4470 – Maia (Portugal), as part of the POWER EXPO event.

Recommended Hotels:

No hotel hospitality will be provided to the competitors, therefore each athlete must autonomously book his or her accommodation and pay for it. You can BOOK HERE YOUR ROOM in Maia or BOOK HERE YOUR ROOM in the beautiful city of Porto, not far from the competition venue.

Respect for hotel infrastructure:

All compettors should take great care not to damage the hotel property, in particular blankets and towels. Therefore the hotels management will charge any damage to the person who caused it. Thank you for your understanding.

Arrival and departure:

The nearest and most convenient airport is PORTO, located at 10 minutes drive from Maia. You can conveniently go to MAIA by public transport or by taxi or Uber.

Distanze tra Porto e Maia

Tanning service and respect for the infrastructures:

We ask all contestants to pay particular attention for the venue, in particular for the backstage and the warm-up area. It is therefore FORBIDDEN to apply the colour in the backstage, in order to avoid the risk of damage. For this reason we ask everybody to apply the colour somewhere else or to take advantage of the professional tanning service available on site.

Schedule of the event:

• 10.00 am – 2.00 pm AMATEUR contestant registration PRO at COMPLEXO DE TENIS
• 15.00 all AMATEUR categories except BB and BIKINI

• 10.00 am – 12.00 pm competition registration for PRO at COMPLEXO DE TENIS
• 14.300 hours AMATEUR BB and BIKINI categories – PRO BB and BIKINI categories

Official organizers:

WABBA PORTUGAL – info@wabbaportugal.pt

For International competitors, please contact WABBA INTERNATIONAL – info@wabbainternational.com

Registration – IMPORTANT:

The PRO competition will be available for MAN BODYBUILDING and MISS BIKINI PRO competitors of any Country. All competitors with PRO qualification and in possession of the PRO card can enter the competition. The PRO CARD is MANDATORY to enter and can be requested on this website at the PRO CARD REQUEST page.


The registration fee for PRO ATHLETES will be offered by WABBA PORTUGAL.