24th September 2023, Pazardzhik (BULGARIA)

The WABBA BULGARIA CLASSIC 2023 will take place in the city of Pazardzhik (Bulgaria) with the participation of high level athletes from around the World.

1. Venue:

The show will take place on Sunday September 24th, at the Sport Hall Vasil Levski, Vasil Levski Square, 5 – 4400 Pazardzhik (Bulgaria).

2. Hotel:

We recommend the GRAND HOTEL HEBAR. We suggest to book the rooms directly on the Hotel website.
It’s also possible to call the Hotel at +359896666644 or +359893333206
The room prices are as follows:
SINGLE : 90 BGN (approx 45€)
DOUBLE : 140 BGN (approx 70€)
TRIPLE : 190 BGN (approx 100€)

There are many other accomodation possibilities in the city of Pazardzhik. You can easily book your accomodation autonomously on booking.com at this LINK.

3. Respect for hotel infrastructure:

All compettors should take great care not to damage the hotel property, in particular blankets and towels. The hotels management will charge any damage to the person who caused it. Thank you for your understanding.

4. Arrival and departure:

The most convenient airport is SOFIA (50 min from Pazardzhik). IMPORTANT: Transport between the airport and the hotels will NOT be provided by WABBA INTERNATIONAL BULGARIA, so each team or athlete must organize the transfer autonomously.
You can book the train ticket directly on the railroads official website.

5. Schedule of the event:
  • Saturday 23rd September
    • 12:00 to 17:00 – Registration of all competitors at the GRAND HOTEL HEBAR.
  • Sunday 24th September
    • 10:30 – Beginning of the competition at the Sport Hall Vasil Levski
6. Tanning an makeup service:

We ask all contestants to pay particular attention to the venue, in particular to the backstage and the warm-up area. It is therefore FORBIDDEN to apply the colour in the backstage, in order to avoid the risk of damage.
Professional Tanning  prices:

  • One layer 40€
  • Two layers 50€
  • Three layers 60€
  • Correction 10€
  • Body glitter 10€

You can book the services at +359878777428

Professional Make-Up :

  • Woman : 60€
  • Man : 60€

You can book the services by email vaniabarova@gmail.com or by phone at +359893665503

7. Climate:

In Pazardzhik in September the climate is warm, with temperatures ariìound 25 ° C.

8. Language and currency:

Bulgarian (English is spoken). The currency is the Bulgarian Lev.

9. Categories:

The WABBA INTERNATIONAL categories will be judged onstage. The winners of the Man Bodybuilding, Man Physique, Man Classic Bodybuilding and Miss Model/Bikini overall titles will get the PRO status.

10. Organizer:

• President Mr Nikola Gyulemetov +359 899 847 788 – email nikola_asenov@abv.bg
• International coordinator Mr Yvan Ivanov +33 612 574 958 – email yvan.vanko@outlook.fr