Here are the PRO DIVISION Athletes ranking for all WABBA INTERNATIONAL PRO Categories.

All PRO Division Athletes who compete in any WABBA INTERNATIONAL PRO Show will get points that will contribute to improve their ranking. All Athletes competing will get some points, regardless of the result, but better results will earn more points.

The PRO DIVISION RANKING you find on this page is referred to the current year and the points for each category are calculated according to the following formula:

  • Each PRO show an Athlete will enter will grant 1 point, regardless of the final result.
  • The winner of a PRO category will get 10 points, the second place will get 8 points, the third place 6 points, the fourth place 4 points and the fifth place 2 points. These points will be given in addition to the point earned for the participation to the show.

Some examples:

Example 1: A Miss Bikini PRO competes at the World Champioship in the PRO Class and finishes 3rd. She will get a total of 7 points (1 point because she entered the show + 6 points for the 3rd place).

Example 2: A Man Physique competes at the Mr Universe in the Man Physique PRO class and wins. He will get a total of 11 points (10 points for the victory and 1 for entering the show).

Example 3: A Man BB PRO competes at the World Championship in the PRO Class and finishes at the 7th place. He will get just one point for the participation to the PRO show.

top 3 man bb pro at the world championship 2022


  1. Luboš Chládek (CZK) – 11 points
  2. Jesus Sancho Alcalde (ESP) – 9 points
  3. Gergő Czikó (HUN) – 7 points
  4. József Móker (HUN) – 5 points
  5. József Kökény (HUN) – 3 points
  6. Alessandro Salemi (ITL) – 1 point
  7. Jozef Mudroncík (SVK) – 1 point
top 3 miss bikini pro at world championship 2022


  1. Regina Viktória Nóga (HUN) – 11 points
  2. Jázmin Zoé Lukács (HUN) – 9 points
  3. Evelin Kónya (HUN) – 7 points
  4. Ágnes Sinka (HUN) – 5 points
  5. Nóra Hérics (HUN) – 3 points
top 3 man physique pro at world championship 2022


  1. Ramin Aghaei (IRN) – 11 points
  2. Zsombor Zsarnay (HUN) – 9 points
  3. Marcell Kósi (HUN) – 7 points
  4. Bálint Bucz (HUN) – 5 points
top 3 bb classic at world championship 2019


  1. István Pálfi (HUN) – 11 points
  2. Martin Kuric (CZK) – 9 points