PRO Division Director Mr Miquel Virgili

The WABBA International PRO DIVISION is exclusive for the athletes with the PRO STATUS, a qualification offered to all the winners (except Junior, Master and Super Master) of the Men’s Bodybuilding, Man Classic Bodybuilding, Man Physique and Miss Bikini Class at the following competitions:

  • The WABBA International World Championships
  • The WABBA International Mr and Miss Universe Competition.

To qualify as a PRO the athlete must win his title in a category with at least 4 competitors.

In addition a Pro Card will be offered to the Overall Men’s Bodybuilding, Man Classic Bodybuilding, Man Physique and Miss Bikini Winners of the Following Grand Prix Events:

  • The Hercules Olympia
  • The European, North American and Latin American Championships or other designated competitions

The Pro Card gains the athlete the right to compete for prize money in any of our contests that have a Pro Class but does not prevent the athlete from competing as an Amateur.

In order to secure his/her PRO status after winning one of the shows listed above, the athlete MUST request the PRO Card before the end of the year. WARNING: After the 31st of December, all the athletes that have not requested their PRO Cards will lose their PRO status.

However, should an athlete that holds a Pro Card choose to compete as an Amateur in a competition that also has a Pro Class, they must win the Amateur Class to compete in the Pro Class later in that contest. In this way the athlete is welcome to attend the Pro Class in the next major championship and can still remain a Pro and we protect the standard of the Pro Class and ensure that only our best athletes are participating at that given time.

With this system we hope to still allow our Pro Card Holders adequate competitive opportunities as well as a Professional Arena which we feel will help to raise the standard of our Amateur Division whilst growing our Pro Division in both Quality and Quantity of athletes.

Any PRO Athlete competing in any PRO Show during each year will get some points according to the result. At the end of the year the athlete with the most points will be awarded the title of Best Pro Athlete of the Year. The ranking is available HERE.